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Basic Principles behind turbulators

A fluid flowing through a tube unless in turbulent flow tends to form a film at the tube wall which impedes heat transfer. 

A Turbulator breaks this film and makes the flow turbulent raising the effective Reynolds number. This increases heat transfer in the case of heat exchangers,  as well as induces mixing and reactions in inline mixers and reactors.

The turbulence created also greatly reduces fouling as particulate matter does not get deposited on the tube walls but is swept off by the turbulence created.



Major Applications for Turbulators:

1. Turbulators in Gas or Air Heaters/Coolers.

2Turbulators in Static Mixers and Inline reactors.

3Turbulators in Falling Film evaporators

4.Turbulators in vertical tube condensers and vertical tube steam air heaters

5.Turbulators as scale inhibitors and removers

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